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3chi delta 8

Our Delta 8 vape cartridge has a phenomenal inspiring feel and is at present testing at more than 95% Δ8 (475mg and 950mg) with the rest being CBN, CBC, and terpenes. Our delta 8 vape cartridge is gotten from hemp and governmentally legitimate. It arrives in a 510 viable, glass CCELL cartridge with a clay center and ceramic mouthpiece for the most ideal presentation and taste. We suggest a strong battery as the distillate is unadulterated and thick. Look at the Slime batteries and chargers!

We have one of the most different assortments of 3CHI vapes in Birmingham, Alabama for get, conveyance and transportation. Need to attempt 3CHI or find out more? Peruse underneath on the impacts and kinds of 3CHI delta 8 vapes.


Sativa – 3CHI OG Kush

Effects: Uplifting/Motivating/Clarity

Flavor: Earthy notes of pine and wood

Sativa Dominate Hybrid – 3CHI Tangie

Effect: Clarity/Motivating

Flavor: Earthy with Citrus and Sweetness

Indica Dominate Hybrid – 3CHI Gelato

Effects: Relaxing/Calming

Flavor: Sweet berry-like flavor with a touch of creaminess

Indica – 3CHI Granddaddy Purp

Effects: Relaxing/Soothing

Flavor: Sweet, floral and earthy

Sativa Hybrid – 3CHI Caribbean Dream

Effects: Relaxing/Uplifting

Flavor: Cedar with mango and passionfruit tones

Indica – 3CHI Strawberry Napalm 

Effects: Soothing/Calming

Flavor: A diesel flavor with strawberry tones

Hybrid – 3CHI Blue Dream

Effects: Focus/Clarity/Uplifting/Motivating

Flavor: Sweet berry

Sativa – 3CHI Green Crack

Effects: Focus/Clarity/Motivating

Flavor: Sweet citrus with an earthiness

Indica – 3CHI Purple Punch

Effects: Relaxing/Soothing

Flavor: Grape with earthy, smoky notes and a hint of pepper

Sativa Dominate Hybrid – 3CHI Incredible Hulk

Effects: Focus/Clarity/Uplifting/Motivating

Flavor: Earthy citrus flavor with and tones of pine tree

Sativa Dominate Hybrid – 3CHI Jack Herer

Effects: Uplifting/Soothing

Flavor: Earthy flavor with pine tree notes

Hybrid – 3CHI Undercover Brother

Effects: Relaxing/Uplifting/Motivating

Flavor: Earthy, woodsy blend with berry undertones

LAB REPORTS for 3CHI || Delta 8 Vape Cart 950MG

Crafted in small batches these 3CHI || Delta 8 Vape Cart 950MG carts pack a punch.

  • The 1ml CBD oil cartridges contain pure distillate from the hemp plant plus terpenes from different hemp strains.
  • 100% hemp derived
  • Amazing effects from the hemp plant
  • Total d9THC free


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