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Coined, “the sweet love child of Zkittlez and Gelato,” our Grape Runtz strain provides pleasant effects and a fruity taste. As an indica-dominant hybrid strain, you can expect calming effects. Bringing you the ultimate feeling of zen that is much needed after a long day. You can enjoy this strain in the form of our Grape Runtz delta-8 vape carts. Which packs a punch with its sour grape flavor thanks to plant-derived terpenes. On inhale, not only will you get a great taste and pleasant aroma, but you will also get a mellow vibe that is perfect for calming down the body and preparing for rest.

Delta 8 carts, in particular, are a popular method of taking delta-8 among many users. This is due to the fact that they are convenient and travel-friendly, like gummies and tinctures, but the effects kick in quickly, similar to smoking delta-8 flowers. So, you could say you get the best of both worlds with our Grape Runtz delta-8 carts.

Each cart contains 800mg of delta-8 THC, so you can know you will get a potent dose with each hit. Our carts also do not contain any cutting agents, such as MCT, PG, PEG, or VG oil. Before being put up for sale, they are also test by an independent lab. Which analyzes the contents for contaminants, heavy metals, and excess amounts of delta-9 THC, among other things. As a result, we can ensure you are only getting pure delta-8 distillate when you use our carts, making them inherently safe to use.

Ingredients Of Delta 8 THC Carts

The ingredients in our Grape Runtz delta-8 carts include the following: 

  • Delta-8 THC: We included a whopping 800mg of delta-8 THC in our 1ml vape carts. This provides you with a strong dose each time you take a puff, giving you a mild psychoactive experience.
  • Natural Terpenes: We also incorporated natural, strain-specific terpenes derived from the hemp plant in our vape carts, which give them their candy-like grape aroma.
  • Natural Flavors: When you use our Grape Runtz vape carts, you will notice a sour grape taste, which is due to the natural flavors we included in the distillate liquid.


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