Budpop Strawberry Gelato Delta 8 THC Vape

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Our Strawberry Gelato delta-8 vape cart provides a sweet and smooth smoking experience that will be your new go-to when you want to relax. This vape cartridge may help boost your mood and fill you with a focused and cheerful energy. Using a cart such as our Strawberry Gelato delta-8 vape is convenient and discreet, so you can enjoy the benefits of this smooth smoke wherever you go. Our delta 8 carts are make to provide users with a pleasant smoking experience, so they are not too harsh on the throat.

Strawberry Gelato is an indica-dominant hybrid strain, so smoking this vape cart will give you relaxing benefits as well as a boost in creative energy. Our vape carts are so popular because they help you relax and the benefits kick in more quickly when compared to edibles like delta 8 THC gummies.

Each cart contains 800mg of delta-8 THC, so you can estimate the amount of delta-8 you are getting with each inhale. In addition, the carts also contain plant-derived terpenes and natural flavors with absolutely no cutting agents. This makes our vape carts completely additive-free and without PG, VG, PEG, or MCT oil, which have proven to be harmful to human health.

Ingredients Used In Delta 8 Carts

There are three main ingredients in our Strawberry Gelato delta-8 vape carts:

  • 800mg Delta-8 THC: Our vape carts contain 800mg of delta-8 THC, which gives you a strong dose of delta-8 derived from U.S.-grown hemp.
  • Natural Terpenes: The natural terpenes used to create our vape products are naturally derived from hemp that is strain-specific to provide you with the best benefits and a smooth smoke.
  • Natural Flavors: The natural flavor of our Strawberry Gelato vape cart is sweet and enjoyable and provides users with pleasant, candy-like experience.


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