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New item on our shelfs live resin cartridges in .5g filled in QUALITY C-Cell technology. propen carts offers 7 flavors in this cartridge strawnanna, kosher jack, mango cookies,og jack, double cup amg, pasion fruit, and green crack. Packaged in a sleek black child proof tube propen carts  . Feel free to contacts us with any questions and thank you for your continued support. We recommend C-Cell Battery for proper function with our product. Our C-Cell cartridges work with most batteries but be advised that most are adjustable in voltage where you can burn the live resin if voltage is to high..

pro pen carts

We know the importance of having a good flavor to vape. At Pro pen we strive to be unique in all aspects, including flavors. We currently have over 101 unique strains and flavors and are still looking to expand our list with more. Some of our unique distillate flavors include bubblegum, Caffe Latte, cinnamon roll, and root beer to name a few. For those of you who like to stick to strains we have originals such as Girl Scout Cookies, Skywalker OG, Pineapple express, and OG Kush. Every Flavor is unique and is very distinct. You will know exactly what flavor you are vaping because our team works on fine tuning every flavor to perfection. To our loyal supporters pro pen carts  , we would like to hear back from you. What flavors are your favorite? Do you have any flavors you would like to see from us? Let us know below! propen carts


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