Jeeter Juice Blue Banana Disposable Live Resin Straw 500mg


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Blue Banana Juice Disposable Live Resin Straw: 500 mg | Indica | 74.01% THC (Per Straw)

Relax your body and get a bit of creative focus while you’re at it. Blue Banana is a complex indica, with an earthy banana flavor and a high that creeps up on you. Those who enjoy Blue Banana typically feel a bit more focused, while also enjoying a nice and relaxing body high.

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Jeeter, ranked the #1 Pre-Roll in the World, started its journey back in Miami, circa 2007. The company name was coined by a group of best friends who called their joints “jeeters” back in their high school days.
Present day, the Jeeter family is hard at work creating new top contenders in the industry. They’re continuously striving for bigger and better, and the team stays innovative in their product development and community engagements.


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