3Chi CBD Vape Cartridge Focus


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Cannabinoid: CBD
Terpenes: Botanical Derived
Spectrum: Broad Spectrum
Amount: 1ml
Form: Cartridge
Effect: Hybrid

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3Chi’s CBD Vape Cartridge has 500mg of hemp cannabinoids and terpenes that derive from hemp plants grown in the U.S. The majority of the formula consists of CBD, then the next major cannabinoid is CBG. There are also smaller amounts of CBC, CBDV, and CBN. When it comes to the terpene profile, 3Chi went with a blend that could help promote a focused feeling and vibe.3chi cbd carts

In order from largest to smallest, the terpenes in this product include myrcene, limonene, terpinolene, ocimene, caryophyllene, and pinene. Terpenes such as these, have incredible characteristics that are worth researching. Together the synergistic action of these plant molecules makes for a stellar vaping experience.

Finally, this vape cart is THC-free and doesn’t contain cutting agents. The use of cutting agents is a cheaper option (which is why many companies go this route), but they can dilute the potency of the hemp extract. So, leaving these out was a wise decision on the part of 3Chi.

  • 1000mg of hemp oil
  • Approximately 850mg of cannabinoids
  • 5-10% terpenes
  • Broad-spectrum formula (THC-free) CBD, CBC, CBN, CBDV and CBG
  • Hemp sourced from California, Colorado and Oregon
  • Zero cutting agents: free ofVG/PG, MCT oil and Vitamin E
  • Ceramic coil and mouthpiece
  • Glass CCELL cartridge
  • 3rd party tested for cannabinoids and terpenes

Product Size
1ml Vape Cartridge

Suggested Use
Attach the vape cartridge to a 510-thread battery and inhale once or twice from the mouthpiece. Wait a few minutes for the effects to settle in, then consume as desired.

Broad Spectrum CBD oil and a Focus terpene blend


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